Crocodiles and Low Carbohydrate Diets

Crocodiles and Low Carbohydrate Diets I was watching a show on the National Geographic channel about animal predators and their amazing physiology. Concerning some species of crocodiles, I learned that they are able to lower their heart rate to 2-3 beats per minute and go without food for up to 2 years! Crocodiles have demonstrated behavioral, physiological and structural adaptations that have allowed them to THRIVE for hundreds of millions of years. Though humans do not have the physiology of crocodiles, our bodies do have amazing physiological adaptations that allow us to survive in a wide array of environments. Nevertheless our goal is not to just survive, but rather to thrive. There is no better example of this than how we fuel our bodies. To survive/thrive, we need fuel (energy). The body’s two main fuel sources are carbohydrates (sugar), and fats. Having a predominately carbohydrate based diet will allow us to survive. Having a predominately fat based diet will allow […]