Is Dr. Raterink a primary care physician?

No, he is not!

Dr. Raterink maintains an active medical license in the State of New Mexico.  He also is Board Certified by both the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine and the American Board of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (but no longer practices in the latter specialty).  As an Integrative Physician, he sees clients for a variety of health concerns, with a specialty focus in Preventive Cardiology.   Dr. Raterink requires his patients to have a primary care provider to address their health needs outside the scope of his practice.

What is Dr. Raterink’s experience?

Please see the “Our Staff” section of the website which includes Dr. Raterink’s condensed biography.  See services pages for a description of services offered. For details of training, see Curriculum Vitae.

Does Dr. Raterink practice Otolaryngology or ENT?

No.  Since establishing an Integrative Medicine Practice in Albuquerque, Dr. Raterink is no longer practicing his prior specialty of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (ENT) despite maintaining his board certification in this arena.

Does Dr. Raterink accept insurance?

Unfortunately we do not accept any types of insurance.  

Does Expanding Choices, Inc. (ECI) sell product to the public?

No.  ECI only sells product to current clients of Dr. Raterink or Leslie Tuchmann, MSN, CNS who have had an initial or follow-up appointment with an ECI Licensed Provider within the last year.

Why is ECI strict about their 48 hour cancellation policy?

ECI’s cancellation fee is $75.00.  We are strict in enforcing this policy for several reasons.  Everyone’s time is valuable, to include all the staff in the clinic. Just as ECI strives to be on time for every appointment out of respect for the client’s schedule; we expect client’s to also be respectful of our time and other clients who may be waiting for an appointment and could have been seen during the scheduled time in question.  Respect is a two way street.

For Intravenous therapies, medications may be mixed the night before administration and have limited shelf life. Intravenous medications are also personalized formulas tailored to each client’s unique needs, so if not used, have to be discarded.   Our answering machine records the date and time of your message, so please leave a message if you are unable to speak to the receptionist.

Why does ECI require 24 hour notice for product pickup?

Our receptionist is exceptionally busy throughout the day.  In order for her to efficiently and accurately serve ALL of our clients, we ask that product be ordered either via phone, fax or email at least 24 hours prior to pick up.  Please do NOT be angry if you show up to pick up product that has not been preordered, as we will not be able to accommodate you.

What are the product pick up DAYS and HOURS???

Product may be picked up on Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY, during the office hours of 09:00a.m.- 4:30pm.  If you prefer to have product mailed, please let us know; there will be a shipping fee.

Why do our clinical questions get deferred to the Nursing Staff?

Our receptionist does an OUTSTANDING JOB!  She is trained to answer clerical, scheduling, and pricing questions related to product and services.  She is NOT trained/nor expected to answer clinical questions or provide health advice.  ECI proudly employs Registered Nurses, to address any questions of clinical nature.  Our nurses have a wide breadth of experience and work closely with Dr. Raterink to meet client needs. 

How should I prepare for Intravenous Infusions?

Drink generous amounts of water, at least 32-64 oz., the day prior and day of your infusion appointment.  Be sure to eat a meal prior to coming to the clinic or bring a snack with you.  Wear clothing that allows easy access to your forearms. 

What is “Infusion Room Etiquette”?

Please refrain from utilizing your cellular phone while in the clinic; please place on vibrate and step out into the hallway if you need to conduct a conversation.  Please do not wear essential oils or perfumes of any kind in the clinic setting, as many of our clients are sensitive.  Also note that the scent of certain strong smelling food items can be disturbing to other clients.  Please keep the volume of conversation at a low level, out of respect for other clients who may be receiving treatment elsewhere in the clinic.  Please be respectful of clients who do not wish to engage in conversation and try not to take this personally.  Some clients prefer to utilize this time for introspection or personal meditation.      

Why can’t I ask Dr. Raterink just a few questions in the hallway?

Please respect Dr. Raterink’s time and that of clients who are either with him or waiting for their scheduled appointment. The staff at ECI, work hard to “stay on schedule”.  If you have questions that cannot be answered by the Nursing Staff, please schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Raterink where you can have his undivided attention to address your needs.

Who gets priority at the “Check In” Window?

In attempt to have a smooth clinic work flow, it is important that clients who are checking in for an appointment have priority.  We ask that if you are picking up a product, or finishing an appointment and trying to check out, that you kindly step aside and allow the person with a scheduled appointment to check in.    

Why do we ask you to arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment?

Again…in trying to “stay on schedule”, this time buffer allows the nursing staff to gather necessary information prior to your appointment (i.e. vital signs, new complaints, medication review, etc.).  By arriving early, you ensure that you get the maximum time scheduled with Dr. Raterink.  If you are late, your time will not be extended at the end of your visit.  You will be expected to pay in full for the amount of time you were originally scheduled for.

Why do we make you wait to schedule an appointment until your labs or scheduled testing has been completed?

Everyone has good intentions of completing their labs and testing.  However, invariably, “life happens” and people get delayed.  This ends up resulting in poor time management for ECI.  Thank you for being understanding of our process.

Why is it important to prioritize your health concerns into “YOUR TOP THREE” for each visit?

We want you to feel that you have addressed what is most important to YOU during your appointment time.  It is always difficult to cover every issue in any one session, so prioritizing your needs or concerns is essential to your satisfaction.  This exercise also places value on being an active participant and helps to reveal what you are most ready and willing to address.

When embarking on an Integrative Journey what will be required of me?

All journeys begin with desire and commitment.  The commitment to optimal health will require not only a financial investment, but one of time, energy, and most importantly enthusiasm.  Rarely are there “quick fixes”.  Many problems took years to develop and may take equally long to resolve or improve depending on the situation.  Embarking on a journey toward wellness will require you to have an ongoing and evolving partnership with your health care Providers.  There may be many lifestyle changes required, as well as a willingness to grow.  Enjoy the ride!

What is the difference between buying product from ECI vs. from a Health food store?

Please see website section on Targeted Supplementation.  ECI sells only products which they have researched and trust.