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Did you know…

In the United States:

• More than 1 in 3 people have cardiovascular disease (CVD).

• A stroke occurs every 45 seconds.

• For every woman who dies from breast cancer, 8 will die of heart attack.

Take action NOW, prevent a life altering event!


How We Can Help

Prevent-An-Event™ Screening

Assesses the health of the heart and blood vessels.

A. Comprehensive Blood Panel – beyond standard cholesterol measurements.

“Cholesterol doesn’t tell the whole story.”

This panel is the single most cost-effective, preventive measure you can do.

B. Digital Pulse Wave Analysis (DPA)

“You are only as young as your arteries.”

Know your arterial age and flexibility as they relate to risk of cardiovascular disease.

C. Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

“Avoid the mess of stress!”

Chronic stress creates imbalance in the nervous system.

Know how your system is functioning as it relates to heart health. 


D. HeartSmart IMTplus

“Be smart with your heart!” 

Get a non-invasive, carotid ultrasound to know: 

– the thickness of the arterial wall 

– the presence and type of plaque

– whether narrowing of the artery exists

Detect disease at the earliest stage… while it’s still reversible.

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Comprehensive Smart Heart Treatments

A. MD designed individualized programs based on test results

B. Targeted Supplementation

C. Mind-Body-Spirit Therapies

D. Stress Management Techniques

E. Lifestyle and Nutritional Programs

D. Intravenous Therapies

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