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Mark H. Raterink, M.D., ABIHM  is a board certified Integrative Medicine Physician who combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine in addressing the “whole person” (body, mind and spirit) to achieve optimal health.  He founded Expanding Choices, Inc., an Integrative Medicine Clinic in Albuquerque, NM.

With over 35 years of experience in the medical field; he has achieved board certifications in two surgical specialties, as well as, board certification in Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).  His practice is influenced by time spent with various Indigenous Healers; most especially his time with Henry Allen Auwae, who was recognized prior to his death, as the foremost leading authority in the Hawaiian practice of La`au Lapa`au. This traditional practice of Hawaiian healing combines herbal medicine and spirituality. 

Dr. Raterink’s time with “Papa Auwae” forever changed the direction of his medical practice.  Dr. Raterink also has training in numerous areas to include: Cardiovascular Health, Functional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Neurotransmitter Therapy, IV Therapy and Homeopathy.  Dr. Raterink encourages natural, effective and less invasive interventions, whenever possible, to help you maintain and enjoy health across your lifespan. 



Betsy Stevick, ADN, RN, started working at ECI in July of 2013.  Prior to this position, she retired from the Albuquerque Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), after 22 years of service as a Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Nurse.  Betsy graduated from Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque, NM.  Prior to becoming a nurse, she worked at the VAMC in Prescott, Arizona for nine years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Pulmonary Function Technician.  She currently holds certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.  She is also certified in a variety of noninvasive cardiovascular testing methods utilized in the clinic setting.

Betsy is originally from Tucson, Arizona.  Her wealth of experience coupled with her calm and gentle manner have been a wonderful addition to the ECI team.


Betsy Torres has been managing the front desk at ECI since January of 2013.  She completed her Medical Assistant training through Franklin Medical College in 1994 and has held a variety of jobs where she worked both the front and back office.  Her prior experience includes working as a Dental Assistant, as well as Lab Manager of a local clinic. Betsy is a certified Doula since 2001.

She is born and raised in New Mexico.  Her bilingual skills (English and Spanish) have often been of great value in the clinic setting.  Betsy’s bright and cheery attitude, kindness toward clients and attention to detail have been a tremendous asset to ECI.

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