“Literally turned my life around for the better when the top teaching hospital in New Mexico had me misdiagnosed for years. But what impressed me the most is what I learned about Mark and the ethical and spiritual choices he had to make to get to where he is today. I have the deepest respect for his strong sense of conviction and devotion to his practice. I wish I could do as much good for Mark as he did for me. If you have a complicated health issue and you are tired of pill prescribing drug dealers disguised as physicians you need to consult this man. He is a bonafide MD and a qualified surgeon traditionally trained, but a thoughtful erudite physician who keeps up with the cutting edge of Medicine. His commitment is to Natural Medicine and he has great skill in helping the body get back on it’s own natural track. He is a skilled nutritionalist and understands how the human psyche interfaces with the physical body. I have other friend who have benefited from Mark’s service to humanity. If I write a recommendation it is because someone I know has truly impressed me with their honorability and service. There is no higher level I could assign Mark to when it comes to people who have truly helped me with real stuff that life can dole out to you whether you expect it or not. And I can gladly say mine was a really healing and integrating experience. There are few people who have the sand to take the high road and not buckle. This man is one with real uncommon character. Thank you Mark.”

G. Dewey

“A friend of mine told me about Dr. Raterink, so I made an appointment to see him.  The first time I went there, was a few months after my heart attack.  I was so weak, my son had to help me walk.  Dr. Raterink ordered blood tests and when the results came in it was not very good news at all.  My arteries were the hardest they could measure.  Dr. Raterink said it could be fixed… it would take some time though.  It did, and my arteries are now so much better and I feel really good.  Today, I mowed a half acre of lawn, and then raked it.  I also have a big garden and am able to paint again, so not too bad for a seventy six year old woman.  I am so grateful to Dr. Raterink.  Without his treatments, I know I would not be alive…and all this was done without drugs.   Thank you Dr. Raterink you are a true healer!”    

R. Montano

“I am a three time cancer survivor and found that conventional medicine didn’t offer many reasonable treatment choices.  I have been Dr. Raterink’s patient for over seven years and he has helped me change my health issues in a holistic and comprehensive way that no other doctor has ever addressed.  He has advocated and given me the tools to make transformational lifestyle changes. I am very grateful for all he provides. His staff is wonderful!”

C. Portal

“Dr. Raterink took the time to get to know me personally and he got to the bottom of my physical problems through scientific tests. Now, I’m getting better with his targeted supplements.  It’s great to go to a doctor like Dr. Raterink, who treats you like an individual and you get better without the side effects of pharmaceutical and risky main stream medicine. “

J. Kaul

“After months of frustration, Dr. Raterink was able to help me get to the root of a number of health complications I was dealing with.  I am hugely grateful to him.  Recommend Expanding Choices wholeheartedly.”

M. Bate

“I was interested in finding solutions to some of my health issues.  Since having Dr. Raterink’s treatment, I have dropped 100 points in my Total Cholesterol count.  The supplements he recommended were custom fitted for me.  My Vitamin D level is now at 90.” 

B. Arner, RN

“The name Expanding Choices suits this health care service because they really do offer options beyond the norm of the standard medical system model.  Dr. Raterink’s approach is a big shift, focusing on maintaining health not just going to a doctor when I’m sick or having an emergency.  As a senior citizen, his extensive non-invasive testing to find the underlying causes of my physical conditions is far beyond anything I’ve experienced in the past.  The use of more natural substances instead of high powered drugs with many serious side effects has improved not only my physical health, but my sense of well-being.  I no longer feel like just another person on a conveyer belt being moved through a lock-step system.  The whole staff and Dr. Raterink’s approach is friendly, personalized and has worked exceptionally well for me.  I am so grateful!”     

M. Benedict